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Craig School of Business

Strategic Plan: Goals and Initiatives

Goal 1: Educating and Inspiring Students

Initiative 1) Focus on quantitative reasoning, communication and collaboration skills, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making.


  1. Create opportunities for students to improve their quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, collaboration and cooperation skills, verbal and written communication, and ethical decision-making.
  2. Enhance student participation in applied learning experiences, including applied projects, international programs, service-learning, and on-campus professional associations.
  3. Enhance student participation in professional and career development.
  4. Increase students’ awareness of ethical issues and abilities to make ethical decisions. Examine ways to strengthen ethics curriculum across departments.

Initiative 2) Enhance faculty quality in alignment with AACSB standards


  1. Emphasize instructor effectiveness and high quality classroom learning environments.
  2. Support faculty intellectual contributions and professional development activities (including conference and journal support).
  3. Manage the recruitment and retention of high-quality faculty and staff.
  4. Encourage all faculty to create and maintain profiles in ResearchGate and Google Scholar.

Initiative 3) Prepare students for emerging areas of business that require adaptability, fluency with technology, and global insight.


  1. Sustainably improve interior and exterior quality and appearance of classroom and lab facilities.
  2. Maintain currency of desktop/laptop computers and relevant audiovisual equipment in each classroom and lab facility.

Initiative 4) Maintain efforts stay current with technology.


  1. Encourage faculty participation in training/workshops offered on- and off-campus related to enhancing technology in the classroom. 
  2. Support faculty participation in training/workshops offered on- and off-campus aimed at advancing skills and knowledge of latest technology for industry and research use.
  3. Continue to recruit and hire faculty possessing advanced knowledge of the latest technology for pedagogical and industry purposes.
  4. Expand use of Excel in classes

Initiative 5) Increase participation in the Global Awareness Certificate and International Business Programs.


  1. Disseminate requirements and promote completion of the Global Awareness Certificate and International Business Programs through classrooms, CSB study areas, academic advising, relevant social media outlets and on the CSB webpage.

Goal 2: Fostering a Diverse Student Body

Initiative 1) Promote diversity, without compromising the priority enrollment of students in the University’s service area.


  1. Better align CSB with campus demographics relative to gender and race.
  2. Align graduation rates with initiatives established by the Chancellor’s Office3. Create opportunities for international students to become involved at Fresno State and within the community.

Initiative 2) Inspire a diverse student body through contact with professionals and pursuit of education.


  1. Hold events with companies to inspire students and professionals to socialize.
  2. Promote graduate education to inspire students to achieve their dream careers.

Goal 3: Supporting Economic Development

Initiative 1) Strengthen our role as a community resource fostering economic well-being in Central California and beyond


  1. Increase community engagement by faculty, staff and students.
  2. Maintain a commitment to serving the community through our various centers, institutes, class projects, and service-learning.
  3. Emphasize community engagement with business and nonprofit entities.