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Craig School of Business

Strategic Plan: Priorities and Initiatives

Strategic Priority 1: Educating and Inspiring Students

Initiative 1) Focus on quantitative reasoning, communication teamwork, ethical decision-making (including sustainability considerations), and use of business analytic software.
  1. Prioritize frequent and robust Assurance of Learning discussions among all faculty such that teaching and learning outcomes are consistently integrated and aligned in the areas of quantitative reasoning, teamwork, verbal and written communication, and ethical decision-making.
  2. Provide opportunities to practice skills in applied learning experiences, including applied projects, international programs, service-learning, and on-campus professional associations.
  3. Increase students' awareness of ethical issues and sustainability, particularly with respect to making decisions. Strengthen ethics and sustainability curricula across departments.
  4. Significantly increase students' competencies with currently used business analysis software in general but specifically with Excel as it is a fundamental, widely used tool.
Initiative 2) Enhance faculty quality in alignment with mission and AACSB standards.
  1. Emphasize instructor effectiveness and high-quality, inclusive classroom learning environments in face-to-face courses, hybrid courses, and online courses.
  2. Support faculty intellectual contributions and professional development activities (including conference and peer-reviewed journal support).
  3. Recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff.
  4. Foster intellectual impact of faculty research contributions.
Initiative 3) Enhance student access to and use of technology in and out of the classroom. Enhance quality and appearance of classrooms, labs, and collaboration spaces for students.
  1. Consistent with pedagogical demands, sustainably improve interior and exterior quality and appearance of classrooms, lab facilities, and collaboration spaces.
  2. Increase student access to technology (devices & wireless) and maintain currency of desktop/laptop computers and relevant audiovisual equipment in each classroom and lab facility.

Strategic Priority 2: Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Student Body

Initiative 1) Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion that is reflective of the communities we serve.
  1. Develop recruiting materials and engage in outreach with service-area high schools, community colleges, current students, and broader community to better align CSB programs with community and campus demographics and enhance enrollment.
  2. Engage in efforts to improve graduation rates and reduce achievement gaps in line with the 2025 graduation initiative established by the Chancell0r's Office.
Initiative 2) Inspire a diverse student body through contact with professionals and pursuit of further education.
  1. Host events with diverse business professionals to inspire students and professionals to network.
  2. Promote certification and graduate education to inspire students to deepen and extend their career potential.

Strategic Priority 3: Supporting Economic Development

Initiative 1) Strengthen our role as a community resource fostering economic well-being in Central California and beyond.
  1. Increase community engagement and sustainability with both businesses and CBOs through faculty and staff using their Fresno State affiliation.
  2. Maintain engagement and service to the business community through our various centers, institutes, and outreach efforts.
  3. Foster and increase students' engagement with local businesses and CBOs.