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Craig School of Business

Health Insurance

What is the insurance or health care requirements of the University?

  • All international students must be covered by health insurance. You will be REQUIRED to enroll in the Fresno State-approved health insurance policy.
  • Take care of health needs before arriving and bring information about your medical history, including immunization records. 
  • You will be required to get a tuberculin skin test and the 3 in 1 measles, mumps, rubella shot (MMR) after you arrive in Fresno. They are provided for $55 by the Fresno State Health Center.
  • Students 18 or younger on the 1st day of classes must also be immunized against hepatitis B.  It comes in 3 injections.  It is free to students 18 or younger.  At age 19 remaining injections are $25 each. 
  • Bring a supply of prescription and other medicines you need until you can obtain a supply in the U.S.

What is the health insurance covered?

You can visit

Where can I purchase my health insurance?

You will be automatically enrolled in the Fresno State-approved health insurance policy. And you will make the payment when you arrive at Fresno.

Should I buy my own health insurance from my home country?

Fresno State-approved health insurance policy is required to purchase for all the international students and WILL NOT be waived or substituted by any other health insurance policies. It is your choice to purchase and additional insurance.

How can I pay for it?

After your enrolled into the classes, you will make the payment at the Cashier’s window at Joyal Building. It will accept cash, credit cards, check, and money order.