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Craig School of Business

Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Natural and built environments are vital sustainability and resilience objectives and interact with several United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Climate change and the depletion of natural resources have shifted priorities toward environmental resilience and interaction with social equity and infrastructure development. Hence, the manifestation of this shift is apparent in various activities across Fresno State. The geographical characteristics of Fresno State in Central California, as a major agricultural center, have provided an opportunity for scholars to focus on recognized environmental challenges concerning water shortage and air pollution. Further, aging infrastructure has also been a priority for mitigating challenges in the built environment and development footprints.

Fresno State Initiatives for Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

In alignment with the systemwide mandate to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG) from buildings, campus building renovations and new construction have contributed to a reduction in GHG emissions. 

Construction is nearing completion on a LEED-equivalent New Student Union

Currently in the design phase, the campus Central Utility Plant Replacement project will provide more energy-efficient and reliable heating and cooling across the Fresno State campus.

The Fresno State Active Transportation Plan provides recommendations to allow the University to better accommodate active and healthy transportation modes for the entire campus community to move to and around campus. 

Fresno State has a ride sharing and alternative transportation program offering incentive to employees who register for the program. 

Fresno State offers several options for bus transportation. Employees and students can obtain a complimentary bus pass for Clovis Transit or Fresno Area Express. Students commuting from Visalia (approximately 60 miles from Fresno) can ride for free to and from campus on the V-Line Express bus.

Fresno State has installed six electric vehicle charging stations and they are being well utilized.

Fleet vehicles are being replaced with newer fuel efficient or electric vehicles as funding opportunities are made available. Electric golf carts are utilized by facilities, maintenance, and technicians to navigate between jobs on campus.