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Craig School of Business

Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality

Fresno State is firmly committed to polices of equal access to education and career opportunities for all genders and sexual identities, including providing support for female, gay, transgender, gender nonbinary and gender nonconforming students and employees.

Fresno State Gender Equality Initiatives

Fresno State strives to create and sustain a campus environment that supports and values all members of our community. Over 20 gender inclusive restrooms are available throughout campus.

The President's Council on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (PCEDI) supports acceptance and fairness at all levels of the University. The Council developed a comprehensive Diversity Plan to make sure this commitment is understood across our campus. PCEDI hosts a number of workshops throughout the academic year as well Conversations That Matter (i.e., weekly conversations that focus on issues of social justice, diversity, inclusion, and other current and relevant issues facing our campus and society). 

The Federal EEO legislation ensures qualified women, minorities, and those with disabilities have fair employment opportunities. Fresno State's Human Resources program is responsible for implementing EEO and diversity programs

Consistent with federal and state statutes as well as executive orders, Fresno State's Human Resource Department has committed itself to ensuring equal access and opportunity by providing reasonable accommodations to employees and potential employees. 

Staff positions are placed into compensation classifications based on a review of the job's duties and responsibilities in relation to established criteria. Employee-initiated and/or manager-initiated requests for adjustments to the compensation (whether it be within or between classifications) are made according to requirements and procedures established through the collective bargaining process. 

The Workplace Quality Taskforce, composed of faculty and staff from across campus, is dedicated to addressing workplace quality. Survey results from 2019 have been used to examine our strengths and assess areas that require focus and action. The results are shared with units, schools and colleges to facilitate the development of action plans to address areas for improvement. 

Fresno State's Career Development Center is a full-service center that provides students resources to help with choosing a major that lends itself to students future career goals, as well as career assessments, resume training in writing and interview skills and internship and career opportunities. In an effort to capitalize on student success, the Career Development Center also holds job fairs, recruiting events and professional networking events. These are conducted both on a university-wide as well as college-specific levels.