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Craig School of Business

Awards for Students Graduating from CSB

Awards are made to undergraduate students upon graduation. Award recipients will be recognized at the annual CSB Annual Student Awards and Recognition Ceremony. 

Eligibility: For undergraduate students graduating in Spring 2023 with degrees in Business Administration or Economics or Fashion Merchandising

Awards for Both Academic and Non-Academic Accomplishments include:

  • Highest Academic Achievement in each Department of the CSB.
  • Re-entry student award.
  • Non-Academic Inspirational Award for overcoming personal obstacles

Application: To apply for all awards, eligible students need to fill out an Award Application, then submit by email the Application and a Resume.

You can find the Application and instructions where to submit it by: Clicking here!

* Some students may have trouble filling out the Application on tablets.  If that happens, please use a computer running a full version of Microsoft Word.

* For Questions, please contact David Vera, Interim Associate Dean