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Craig School of Business

On-Campus Recruitment Events

Professional & Business Services Internship & Career Fair

  • Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017
  • Location: University Square Hotel (transportation provided from Joyal loop)
  • Event Time: 1:00 - 5:00 pm

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List of participating employers (updated 10/23)

Craig School of Business On-Campus Recruitment

On-Campus Recruitment 101
Download step-by-step instructions of how to set up and use Synergy to apply for and manage on campus interviews.


FAQ's about using Synergy to apply for ACCT/FIN positions:

I changed some information on my profile and now I can't see anything?

Anytime you update your profile you are pulled out of active status until a human from our office logs in and releases you.  This allows us to keep our data accurate and not have students outside of CSB use our system.  You are urged you to not update any information on your profile until after you have submitted your documents!  We typically don't check the system during the weekend or evening hours.  The employer won't see any of your profile so don't worry about changing it. 

I can't upload my transcripts the error says they are encrypted.  What do I do?

Another technology glitch that we have to work around.  When downloading your transcripts DO NOT use the PrintStudentPDF link at the top of the page.  This will encrypt your PDF file and will not be recognized by SYNERGY as a valid file.  Since each person will be using a different device to access this document, here are some suggestions of how to work around this issue.

1.  If you already have saved a PDF using the method above, open the file and do Ctrl P or Print.  This should pull up your print menu.  Select which ever PDF driver you have on your device.  Everyone should have one.  Then click print and it will prompt you to save your file.  You should be able to upload the new PDF.

2.  If you haven't downloaded your unofficial transcripts yet you want to pull them up on the screen and do Ctrl A (highlight the entire page) and then to Ctrl P or Print.  This will pull up your print window and select your PDF creator you have in your drive.  Print and save your file and you should be able to upload the document.

If you are still struggling please come in to our office

I am trying to apply for XYZ firm and it isn't letting me. Help!

We suggest looking at the error messages that are typically given under the message that says you are not eligible.  Each student and firm is different and we will need to know which job you are having trouble with and what your error message is to fix it.