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Craig School of Business

Current Students / FAQ

Recommended Course Flow:

CSB 50 --> CSB 150 --> 195I/191 or 189T

191/195i Internship Course FAQ:

  • We do not do any internship matching in our office. You must find, apply for, and secure a position before applying for credit. Open positions are continuously posted on HireFresnoState, LinkedIn, InDeed and other job sites. Start looking early and often!
  • If you are planning to use a current/past worksite OR have a family member who owns/works for the worksite, please contact before submitting a petition. We verify all worksites before approving petitions. 
  • Secured your internship? Submit an enrollment survey. Your start date will determine the semester you enroll.
    • Over-site/management of your position provided by a professional staff member. You may NOT be supervised or evaluated by a member of your family, should they be employed at the same business. You may also not complete a traditional internship at a company that is owned and/or operated by a family member. If you fall into either of these categories, please stop by our office and ask about the project-based internship option.
    • If you are found to have at any point to have submitted inaccurate information or misrepresented the job site or your internship, the Academic Petition is considered void and you will receive NC in the course. University sanctions may apply if academic dishonesty is determined to have occurred. 
  • International students must attend a CPT workshop prior to submitting a petition.
  • SUMMER INTERNS MUST CONTACT US BEFORE STARTING HOURS. No exceptions. Students should enroll in a fall section to avoid any summer fees. Credit cannot be given after you have completed the Internship. 
  • More information on Internships

Mentorship/CSB 150 Course FAQ:

  • What is the Mentorship Program? A 1-unit, CR/NC course designed to help you network and expand your professional skills. Students can expect to evaluate their strengths and needs, participate in a networking skills workshop, attend lunch-and-learn sessions with local professionals, and be paired one-on-one with a mentor. Returning participants can additionally serve as student mentors to new students on campus. 
  • To get started declare your interest in the Mentorship Program through this form (REQUIRED).
  • Open to all majors within the Craig School of Business (including pre-business) The program is repeatable over multiple semesters.
  • More information on mentorship

Intro to CSB/CSB 50 Course FAQ: 

  • What is CSB 50? A 1-unit, CR/NC course focusing on business careers, career development, educational options, and opportunities provided by the Craig School of Business. Register through your student portal as you would for any other course. No pre-requisites. 

Preparing for an Internship? 

Our students have reported the skills below as helpful on their job sites

Career Advice Videos (Career Spots)

Excel Training (Fresno City College)

Excel Training (Online @ Go Skills)

Quickbooks Training (Online @ Intuit)

Time Management Cheat Sheet (Online @ Dummies)