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Craig School of Business

One-on-One Exchange Program

For students who really want to immerse themselves in another culture and get a great international educational experience, Craig International offers exchange programs with great partner universities in countries all over the world!  If you always wanted to go to school in France, Germany, Italy, Chile, Sweden, Great Britain, Korea, Hong Kong or other great locations across the world, we can make that happen.

Many students assume that going to school overseas for a semester is beyond their reach because of the expense, language barriers, or a variety of other hurdles.  We are here to knock those hurdles down!  Most of our exchanges only require you to pay Fresno State tuition, just as you would if you were on campus. Doing a one-one exchange can be one of the best educational experiences of your life. Come by the office to find out available programs, and how to make your dream of studying abroad, a reality.

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    Overseas Incoming Students

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