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Craig School of Business

Admission Procedures

How and Where can I apply to the program?

Complete the university application form at

Please type your information on Page 1. On Page 2, you don't need to fill out the Educational History, just complete “Signed at” section will be fine. 

What required documents do I need to provide and how do I submit them?

  1. University Application Form
  2. Official Transcript/ Grade Report in English
  3. Current Semester Course List
  4. Official English Proficiency Score Report: TOEFL-61 iBT, or IELTS-6.0, or TOEIC-750
  5. Financial document (no older than 6 months) from sponsors or bank that showing the amount of at least $10,000 per semester
  6. A copy of your valid passport 

Email the documents listed above as attachments to Crystal at

What is the application deadline?

  • Fall Semester: March 31 with all required documents received
  • Spring Semester: October 31 with all required documents received

When will I know if I have been accepted to the program or not?

After you completed the application form and submitted the required documents, an acceptance notification will be sent by email at mid-April for Fall semester and at mid-October for Spring Semester.

When will I get the documents for my visa?

You will receive your visa documents with your acceptance letter by mid-May for Fall semester and mid-November for Spring Semester.