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Craig School of Business

Board Members

Our Advisory Board is comprised of family businesses and advisors from our community that help guide and carry out the mission of the Institute for Family Business. As community ambassadors for the IFB, Advisory Board Members are instrumental in preserving an environment of exchange that promotes the growth and success of other family businesses.

About the Director

Dr. Fernando Parra is an Assistant Professor of Accountancy and the Director of the Institute for Family Business at Fresno State. Dr. Parra and his four sisters were raised in a family business that produced restaurant desserts. From an early age, he understood that a strong work ethic, integrity, and loyalty to family were key to a purposeful life with harmonious relationships. The family values he learned as a child by assisting with the business bookkeeping and logistics motivated him to seek an education in business. Dr. Parra obtained a Ph.D. in International Business with a focus on Information Systems and a Graduate Certificate in Accounting from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Dr. Parra also holds a Masters of Information Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems, also from UTEP. Dr. Parra has played a key role in supporting small to medium-sized businesses with enterprise software solutions in the medical, retail and legal industries. Dr. Parra is honored to have served on several boards, including President of the Information Systems Doctoral Students Association which promotes diversity in business schools and supports future professors of Hispanic, African American, and Native American heritage. He is also a champion of promoting Service-Learning opportunities at Fresno State where students connect with Community-Benefit-Organizations to engage in experiential learning.

Board Officers

Board Officers
Officer Role Organization (Generation of Family Business) Email
Fernando Parra Director Institute for Family Business
Erin Mastriano Secretary Delray Tire & Retreading Inc(2nd Generation)


Board Members

Board Members
Member Term Organization
Rob Cozzi, Jr. 2015-2018 Principal Financial Group
Brian Ekmanian 2016-2019 JP Morgan Chase
Julie Olson-Buchanan, Dean 
Unlimited Craig School of Business
Sam Geil  2020-2023 Geil Consulting
Shannon Hughes 2019-2022 Projekt 15
Erin Mastriano 
2013-2017 Delray Tire & Retreading Inc. 
(2nd Generation)
Liz McIlvaine 2019-2022 Total Concept Enterprises
Kalene Oken-Ramirez 2016-2019 Wonder Valley Ranch Resort
(3rd Generation)
Fernando Parra, Director  Unlimited  Institute for Family Business
Kenyeih Williams, Development
Unlimited Craig School of Business
Fred Ruiz  Legacy Ruiz Foods
Rebecca Spicer 2019-2022 Evolve Partner Group


If you are a member of the IFB and are interested in joining our vibrant Advisory Board, please contact Dr. Parra at  

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Legacy Members

  • Fred & Mitzie Ruiz
  • Johanson Transportation Services
  • James G. Parker Insurance Associates
  • Steven Deis
  • J. D. Heiskell & Company