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Craig School of Business

About the Institute for Family Business

The Institute for Family Business is a comprehensive resource center for education, family business knowledge, and community involvement that serves the needs of the family-owned and closely-held partnerships in the Central California area with the intent of improving the success of families and their businesses. In addition, the Institute provides a forum where important family business issues can be openly discussed, encouraging the exchange of ideas and information among trusted experts and family business owners. 

As a comprehensive resource center, we offer family-owned businesses: 

  • Seminars - we cover broad business issues, such as strategic planning, as well as other issues unique to families and partnerships, such as succession and conflict management, and relationship issues unique to the personal involvement within family-owned organizations.
  • Affinity meetings - workshops designed for select family members to develop critical family business skills.
  • Network and Advisory sessions - provide a non-commercial atmosphere for advisory members to discuss pressing family-business and general-business issues.
  • A direct connection to Fresno State, encouraging the recruitment of graduates as employees, current students as interns, and networking with experienced faculty members. 

Legacy Members

  • Fred & Mitzie Ruiz
  • Johanson Transportation Services
  • James G. Parker Insurance Associates
  • Steven Deis
  • J. D. Heiskell & Company