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Craig School of Business

Message from the Director

It has been almost six months since the start of the pandemic, and I must admit, I am quite adapted to the new normal.  I do miss being able to attend concerts, or sit down at a restaurant, or feel more comfortable about taking a vacation, yet the new normal comes with a few perks.  We are more focused on our families, our wellbeing, and taking all opportunities to enjoy nature as much as possible.  I hope this letter finds you well and in good health!

This upcoming academic year 2020-21 presents itself with some challenges.  Most class instruction at Fresno State will take place virtually, and only a few people will be walking around campus.  The Gazarian Real Estate Center has adapted to these new circumstances.  We will host several speakers, as we usually do, but we will meet virtually via Zoom.  We have lined up three speakers so far for the Fall semester.  First, we will hear from Dr. Jon Haveman, Executive Director of the National Economic Education Delegation.  He will talk about the COVID-19 pandemic economics and its implications for the economy and real estate markets.  We will then listen to Mr. Preston Prince, Executive Director and CEO of the Fresno Housing Authority.  He will talk about housing policy issues in the Central Valley.  Lastly, we will hear from Mr. Robin Kane, Senior Vice-President at Magharebi Group.  He will talk about the current state of the rental markets.  Check out the Events section in this Newsletter for the dates and times.

This newsletter also features a short article I co-authored with Dr. Amber Crowell, Assistant Professor of Sociology.  We looked at the Fresno areas where households are most rent vulnerable, meaning that they are more susceptible to eviction in these harsh economic times.  Our results are not surprising. The areas that are most rent vulnerable also have the highest concentrations of non-white population, single mothers, and less educated and unemployed persons.

We hope that everybody is well adapted to this new brave world.  We would like to hear how you are doing, so please feel free to email us at  If there is anything that we can do for you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We really appreciate all your help and support!