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Craig School of Business

Business Transfer Tips 

In order to facilitate a smooth transfer from Community College to Fresno State we have provided the following important information and reminders. 

All Business Adminstration Students enter Fresno State as Pre-Business majors. Both Quantative Analysis (DS 71) and Statistical Analysis (DS 73) are required for Pre-Business students and fulfill the math requirement for general education. 

Introduction to Business and Business Communications do not fulfill course requirements upon transferring to Fresno State. 

Click here for the majors and option synopsis. 

  • All lower division GE areas
    • The additional C1/C2 course is temporarily waived to account for the Ethnic Studies requirement. Students are still required to take one C1 and one C2 in this area. 
  • American History
  • American Government
  • All Pre-Business courses
  • All required Pre-Business courses:
    • ACCT 4A - Financial Accounting 
    • ACCT 4B - Managerial Accounting 
    • BA 18 - Business and the Legal Environment 
    • DS 71 - Quantitative Analysis 
    • DS 73 - Statistical Analysis 
    • ECON 40 (or AGBS 1) - Microeconomics
    • ECON 50 - Macroeconomics
    • IS 52 and IS 52L - Computer Concepts and lab 

Please use to check the course equivalents. 

For questions or concerns regarding the Fresno State application, please reach out to the Fresno State Admissions and Recruitment department or contact directly. 

For pre-transfer evaluation and advising, please reach out to the Fresno State Admissions and Recruitment department at 

For degree roadmaps for once you transfer, click here

Advisor note:

Business Administration: All students transfer as Pre-Business. All pre-business (pink box) courses must be completed prior to declaring your option. If you transfer in without completing all pre-business courses, you must complete them prior to moving forward in the option (green boxes) courses. Additionally, please note students must complete three more GE courses (GE IB, IC and ID) upon transferring to Fresno State.  

Economics: In order for Economics students to progress in the program successfully, the department recommends two math courses, one being a statistics course. This will also be required for ECON 123. 

Students can use to check the equivalents to their courses for all programs. 

The B.A.S.E advising team can schedule an appointment after the student is admitted and has attended Dog Days New Student Orientation.