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Craig School of Business

 Institute for Family Business  


The Institute for Family Business is a comprehensive resource center for education, family business knowledge, and community involvement that serves the needs of the family-owned and closely-held partnerships in the Central California area with the intent of improving the success of families and their businesses. We offer seminars that cover broad family business issues, providing advice and guidance from our experts on how to navigate the different assistance programs. More importantly, we aim to inspire our diverse student body to become the next generation of family business leaders. Hence, facilitating the recruitment of students and graduates as employees, interns and mentees.

Family Business Oprganizational Mindfulness Event : A pathway to Enhanced Performance And Well-Being

Family Business Organizational Mindfulness: A Pathway To Enhanced Performance and Well-Being

Friday, April 19, 3 to 5 p.m. , Craig School of Business, Executive Classroom 192 (RSVP:

By Christopher M. Sterling, PhD

Associate Professor of Management at the Craig School of Business