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Graduate Business Programs

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, please call us at 559.278.2107 or email us at to schedule an in-person, phone or Zoom appointment with our advisor. 


For the Traditional and Online Blended MBA applications, please visit Cal State Apply. The EMBA and Ag EMBA applications are available on our website.

There is only one application on Cal State Apply for both the Traditional and Online Blended MBA programs, and it does not have an option for "Online." This is the correct application. Once you have been accepted to our program, you will automatically be able to register for online courses.

You can, but you will be taking a risk. The Cal State application functions on a different time zone and may shut down earlier than anticipated on the deadline date. We recommend that you submit your application ahead of the deadline.

You will not submit the Cal State application until you have submitted these initial items and have been accepted to the EMBA or Ag EMBA program. If you submitted a Cal State application too soon, please contact our office.

The acceptance rate is about 30 percent. We encourage you to apply regardless of our acceptance rate.

Depending on when you submitted your application, it can take one to three months to find out if you have been accepted into the program.


GMAT waivers are available. Upon receipt of your application, our department will determine whether you are eligible for a waiver based on the materials that you provide.

Yes, we accept the GRE; however, we do measure your score by a different scale. We highly recommend that you take the GMAT as it makes you a more competitive applicant.

Supplemental Documents

We accept letters of recommendation from employers and/or professors.

We only require standard business letter format for the letters of recommendation, and there is not a form. References should explain why you would be a great candidate for the MBA program.

We will accept letters of recommendation directly from the applicant or directly from their references.

No, we do not have a word or page count requirement for the Statement of Purpose.

Please explain why you would like to pursue an MBA degree and describe some of your short-term and long-term goals. 

Please email your letters and Statement of Purpose in PDF format to


Yes, international applicants will need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores in order to be considered for the EMBA or Ag EMBA program.


No, our office will be able to access your transcripts on our computer system.

No, your transcript will be unofficial in this case. Please follow the instructions under Transcript Submission.

Please use this tool to calculate your GPA: This tool only provides an estimate.


No, the MBA is a general degree. However, you may take electives in your field of interest.


Yes, our Traditional MBA courses are offered in the evenings and our Online Blended MBA provides even more schedule flexibility. Our EMBA and Ag EMBA courses mostly take place on Saturdays.

The program consists of 36 units. Some students may have to take up to 15 units of prerequisite courses in addition to the standard 36 units depending on their academic background.

You must take nine units (three classes) to be considered a full-time graduate student.

Yes, as a part-time graduate student, you are allowed to take three to six units.

The Traditional and Online Blended MBA programs are comprised of 36 units and can be completed in 3 to 4 semesters. Some students may have to take up to 15 units of prerequisite courses which often extends the duration of the programs to 4 semesters. The EMBA and Ag EMBA can be completed in approximately 17 months.


If you have graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Craig School of Business, you have already fulfilled some or all of your prerequisite requirements for the MBA degree. If you attended a different university, then we will determine if your credits will transfer upon receipt of your transcripts. 

Online Courses

No, students may pick and choose which courses they would like to take online and which courses they would like to take in person. 

Yes, you can take your courses 100 percent online. Depending on who your professor is, you may have to take some final exams on campus or at an approved testing center. You may also have to present your final Culminating Experience project on campus.

Study Abroad

Yes, we encourage our Traditional and Online Blended MBA students to participate in Summer Study Abroad

Tuition and Financial Aid

Please visit: Tuition and Fees.

Yes, we do have scholarship opportunities available. To apply, please visit: Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

While you can apply for Financial Aid, our program does not have any influence over how much money you may receive. For more information, please visit: Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

No, we do not have any Graduate Assistantships available at this time.