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Department of Marketing and Logistics

Careers in Marketing & Logistics

These aspects are covered by various careers, including the following:

Advertising  -  Careers in advertising are not limited to writers and artists.  Instead, advertising is an important business enterprise that requires a combination of planning, fact gathering, and creativity and involves all phases of marketing.  Opportunities exist with media, corporate departments, and advertising agencies.

Brand and Product Management  -  Brand managers plan, develop, and direct the marketing efforts for a particular brand or product.  They are generalists who coordinate the activities of specialists in production, sales, advertising, promotion, R&D, marketing research, purchasing, distribution, package development, and finance.

Services Marketing  -  The economy's service sector now exceeds the manufacturing sector in terms of relative contribution to the GDP and is where much of the economy's most vigorous growth is occurring.  Numerous marketing positions are available in banking and financial service institutions, health care organizations, leisure-oriented businesses, and in various other service settings.

Direct Response Marketing  -  Direct response marketing, from marketer directly to consumer is the fastest growing marketing channel in the United States.  Direct response vehicles include direct mail, print and broadcast media, telephone marketing, catalogues, in-home presentations, and door-to-door marketing.

Business-to-Business Marketing  -  Industrial marketing involves the planning, sale, and service of products used for commercial or business purposes.

Sales and Sales Management - Sales and sales management opportunities exist in a wide range of profit and nonprofit organizations, and in product and service organizations, including financial, insurance, consulting, and government.  Industrial and commercial sales and sales management offer increasingly challenging and rewarding opportunities commonly involving systems selling and requiring broad management and, in some cases, technical training.  Opportunities exist in trade sales, missionary sales, technical sales, and new business selling.

International Marketing - Special opportunities in international marketing arise because of the variety of social, economic, and political conditions confronting international marketing personnel as well as the increased responsibility, which decentralized decision making and greater distances from headquarters, generally bring.  

Marketing Research - Individuals employed in the field of marketing research are involved with providing management with information needed for decision making.  Information about consumers, the marketing environment, and the competition are needed to operate effectively in the marketplace today.

New Product Planning - Persons who specialize in new product planning can find opportunities in the marketing of consumer products, consumer services, hospital and medical services, and public service programs.  Persons involved in new product planning develop skills in understanding marketing research, sales forecasting, and promotional planning.

Retailing Management - Companies involved in retailing afford the employees an early opportunity to use professional knowledge to improve company profits through the maintenance of appropriate assortments of goods and services in locations easily accessible to customers.  The marked growth of general merchandisers, such as department sores, discount houses, chain and "warehouse-showroom" stores, has brought about greater emphasis on "professional training" as part of the preparation for a career in retailing.

Distribution Management - Distribution management is the analysis, planning, and control of activities concerned with the procurement and distribution of goods.  The activities include transportation, warehousing, forecasting, order processing, inventory control, production planning, site selection, and customer service.  The distribution domain is an extensive and diverse area concerned not only with the physical transportation of products, but also with various purchasing, selling, and channel management functions.

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