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Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program

EMP meets Nate Gilbert


“I’m always hungry for more.” –Nate Gilbert


Written by Edgar Castro


This past Friday EMP kicked off its session by enjoying a delicious meal provided by More Than Pizza, a family owned restaurant located on E Shaw in Clovis. More than Pizza serves a variety of pizzas, sub sandwiches, and signature cheese sticks. Thank you More Than Pizza, We Loved It.


We began the meeting with an open discussion about the Pay It Forward Luncheon that was held this on February 16th. Everyone who attended had great things to say about their experience throughout the Luncheon. “It was great. I made a few connections with great people who have interesting backgrounds,” –Jackie Duenez We then discussed attendance for the upcoming Pay It Forward Luncheon and recommend that everyone attend. Check out the website for more information on upcoming events,


The Discussion transitioned to Andrew McMillan sharing his inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Andrew came from a home-schooled background and once he was a senior, didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. He knew he wanted to attend college but didn’t know what he would study, and like many students today face, how we would afford it. During his senior year, Andrew encountered a situation that would change his life completely, a Leukemia diagnosis and today, Andrew is a cancer survivor. “Ironically it changed my life for the best.” –Andrew McMillan. Today Andrew volunteers at Valley Children’s Hospital with patients who are going through what he went through. His passion for volunteerism stems from the amazing care he received from the doctors, nurses and staff at Valley Children’s Hospital.


After Andrew’s great journey, it was time for Edgar Castro to introduce this week’s guest speaker, Nate Gilbert to the class. Nate Gilbert, a EMP Mentor and Director of Franchise Sales at Deli Delicious, shared the journey to his success in the Deli Delicious company, with the students. Mentees asked Nate questions and Nate was happy to answer them. “How do you find yourself maintaining relationships with people you’ve met?” asked Nicholas Perez. “A simple follow up with an email, asking how they are doing, just to let them know you remembered them and found them interesting will do.” –Nate Gilbert. Nate would extremely insightful and reminded us that success is about the relationships and the rapport you build with people. Thank you Nate for a great session.