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Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program

Our Mission

The Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program is designed to give aspiring students from all disciplines an opportunity to build relationships with some of the Central Valley's leaders and entrepreneurs.

The program provides weekly forums for learning directly from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs including visits to businesses, venues for social gatherings, field trips, and professional skill development.

Students are matched one-on-one with a mentor that best suits their area of interest. However, students have access to all mentors in the program, with an opportunity to receive mentoring for years after the program.



The Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program is an opportunity for students to learn a key business skill – how to build professional relationships.

— Nancy Ervin, Mentor and CPA



Program Details

Weekly Sessions

Lunch is provided to students followed by a skill development session. Selected mentors, community leaders and entrepreneurs conclude the session with a 90 minute presentation sharing their insights and experiences on successes and failures.

Social Gatherings

Two “mixers” are organized each semester, one by the mentors, the other by the students. The mixers give students an opportunity to network with mentors and students in a relaxed and fun environment.

Field Trips

Site visits to other regions of the Central Valley are provided twice each semester. The trips provide informal meetings with owners at their place of business providing students with an understanding of how entrepreneurs build successful companies in the Central Valley.

Professional Skill Development

Each student receives a Special U Video Assessment providing insight into strengths and weaknesses critical to an entrepreneur.

One mentor student is selected each semester for the Claude Laval award ($2500). The award is based on engagement, recommendations, and demonstrated growth in the development of entrepreneurial skills.



One mentor student is selected each semester for the Claude Laval award ($2500) who has demonstrated growth in entrepreneurial skills. 

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