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Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program

EMP meets Tim Leary

March 04, 2016

"If you act like you know it all, people might stop teaching you." - Tim Leary

Written by: Marcus Castro

Last week, Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program students had the opportunity to interact and learn valuable information from Tim Leary, founder and president of two well-known Fresno businesses, Pro-Screen Inc. and Fan in a Box.

Leary emphasized the power of being attentive and present, as well as stressed the importance of being open to suggestions and gathering as much information as possible. “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason: to listen twice as much as we speak,” he said. "If you act like you know it all, people might stop teaching you." Leary also stressed the secret ingredient to success is the drive to fulfill your goal. As a passionate competitor, he thrives on delivering a better quality of product and service to all potential customers. “I live with passion; this is what motivates me and pulls me to win.”  

Being a business owner is not always easy. Leary’s inspiring story made us understand that success can be achieved, no matter what challenges one might encounter, as long as there is a clear goal to be attained and a strong support system. “My team is the driving force that makes everything work,” Leary said. “My team consists of not only my family and employees, but also my loyal customers.”

Students in the Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program would like to thank Tim Leary for his time and wisdom that will continue to help guide us on our journeys in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Students also appreciated the lunch provided by Celia Herrera which came from her family restaurant El Cesar in Orosi, Ca.