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Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program

EMP Meets Young Entrepreneurs

written by: Manwinder Singh

“Nothing is nearly as important as having a buyer” – Cameron Graham


This past Friday, students of the Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program (EMP) enjoyed the delicious lunch from Plaza Ventana located at Shaw and Marks as well as Shaw and Blackstone. The food was amazing and displayed great authentic taste. Thank you Gabe for the delicious lunch!


After our meal, I had the honor to introduce our three speakers who were all inspiring young entrepreneurs who have graduated from EMP. First was Cameron Graham who is currently a Business Development Specialist he has a degree in Real Estate & Urban Land Economics. I really liked when he brought up the five books we should read Deep Work, Grit,Tool of Titans, Man Search for Meaning, and Rich Dad Poor Dad. He also made some interesting statements such as “If you’re going into business with a friend make sure everything is outlined. “ A great tip Cameron told us about Time Management was “getting into those habits of doing good things about yourself enlightens you more than doing nothing.”


Second, Amanda Moore spoke about her experiences. Amanda Moore is a Business Insight and Analytics Manager she currently knows all aspects of her company. She is currently and always working on how to make the company better. Amanda really believed in such as Cameron to “teach yourself in your free time.” She also started her speech with “if I was back in college I would really get into internships to develop more experience in what you want to do.” She talked a lot on how the real world feeds off experience instead of getting just your degree her greatest tip is “get knowledge and job experience into that field to see if you like it first.”


Last we had Gonzalo Arnanda – Sandoval talk who is a Business Banking Specialist at Wells Fargo Bank in San Diego. Gonzalo was really insightful on how businesses work in the real world the main thing Gonzalo was pushing was to “take advantage of your mentors.” His mentor helped him out a lot and so can ours if we have more communication with them. Two things Gonzalo mentioned that he can take back if he was in EMP is that “you must write stuff down and follow through” and “put a hard date to start something go full speed to what you want to do.”


Since most of us at EMP want to start our own businesses what the speakers had to say was very insightful and we all learned something from them. We wish Amanda, Cameron, and Gonzalo the best!