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Department of Management

2019 Fresno State SNA Workshop

This three and a half day workshop covers an introduction to analyzing social network data using UCINET software.

In addition to a Keynote Address by Steve Borgatti, author of UCINET and world-renowned social network scholar, the workshop includes a hands-on tutorial and six modules and accompanying hands on exercises dealing with common areas of social network research, offered by Rich DeJordy. Topics planned for the workshop include:

  • Social Network Data
  • Centrality
  • Cohesion
  • Identifying subgroups
  • Brokerage and Egonet Composition
  • Testing Network Hypotheses

A short tutorial on social networks is offered the first morning of the workshop and covers an introduction to general concepts, terminology, and a hands-on tutorial of the software. This is placed first so those comfortable with this material can sleep in.

The introduction is followed by the keynote address by Steve Borgatti which leads into lunch. On the first day only, lunch is provided. To help orient everyone with the area, we will walk to the nearby plaza pointing out additional options for the rest of the week when you are on your own for lunch.

More information

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Please address any inquiries to Rich DeJordy via  email (