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Department of Finance and Business Law

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Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements
Business Administration Major


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Required of all Business Administration majors

All students in the Craig School of Business who are working toward the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration must complete, in addition to the university's General Education requirements, a ten-course group of pre-business courses, seven courses of upper-division core, and 23 to 32 units in an area of specialization or option. The pre-business classes include material considered essential for further study in business. The upper-division core classes provide a broad background and a breadth of knowledge and understanding. The option courses enable the student to specialize in a specific area of business and to prepare for effective performance in future employment.

Pre-Business requirements* (16 units)
ACCT 4A, 4B; BA 18; CSB 50; DS 71, 73; ECON 40 or AGEC 1, ECON 50

Upper-division core requirements (24 units)
DS 123; FIN 120; IS 130; MGT 110 or 104-106, 124; MKTG 100 or 100S

Finance: FIN 139; International Business and Real Estate: MGT 187 

Option requirements (24-25 units)
The Department of Finance and Business Law offers four options**. (See options in the column to the left.)

General Education requirements (51 units)

Upper-division writing skills requirement (3-4 units)
Business majors must select either BA 105W or ENGL 160W
(See Writing Requirements)
Note: the Upper-Division Writing Exam is not an option for business administration majors.

Total (120-121 units)

* This total indicates that 9 units for DS 71, ECON 50, and ENGL 1 are being used to satisfy the General Education requirement of 51 units.

** The three options available to students are outlined in the copy that follows. The completion of General Education requirements, pre-business requirements, upper-division business core, upper-division writing skills requirement, and the 24-25 units as required by the options, total the 120-121 units required for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Finance Option 

Finance option is designed to provide students the basic skills required to plan, supervise, and control the financial activities of business organizations. These include understanding the trade-off between risk and return, the time value of money, and the magnifying effect of leverage. Students specializing in finance gain the skills related to evaluating the financial needs of a business, obtaining the funds in such a way that the company's goals are met.

Required courses:
FIN 121,128, 178 (9 units)

Select at least 15 units from the following: FIN 122, 123, 129A, 129B, 131, 138, 150, 186, 190, 195; BA 150; ACCT 120A (15 units)

Total (24 units)

International Business Option

Introduces students to the fastest growing part of business today. The information and communications revolution - have made all businesses aware of global markets. The option stresses the role of global communications and the growth of entrepreneurial opportunities in worldwide markets, with special attention to California and the markets of the Pacific Rim. 

Required Courses:
BA 174, 175, 176 (9 units)

BA 177, FIN 178, MKTG 140, and MGT 131 (13 Units)

Select ONE UPPER-DIVISION COURSE from the following: AFRS 164; ANTH 123, 125; CLAS 170; COMM 164; HUM 140; PHIL 131; PLSI 120; WS 135; or any upper-division course offered through the Craig School of Business (3 Units)

Total (25 units)

The Language Requirement. English is the required language of the International Business Option. Every student is also required to demonstrate to the coordinator, by a note from a faculty member of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures or by special test, a working commercial knowledge of a second language. The second language is chosen by the student and approved by the coordinator of the program.

The International Business Association (IBA). While not a university requirement, membership in IBA is strongly encouraged. More than a student club, IBA is the vehicle by which students acquire the personal international network they will need for a successful career in international business. IBA also sponsors field trips and invites current practitioners in international business to speak and interact with students in the program.

Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Option 

This options provides the background for a wide range of career opportunities in addition to residential and commercial real estate sales. These areas include development, lending banking, appraising, escrow, property management, and construction. Usually students who enroll in the real estate option will complete all courses necessary to take the California Brokers License Examination.

Required Courses:
BA 154 (3 units)

FIN 122, 180, 181, 182, 183, 186 (18 units)

Select one course from the following: FIN 123, 185, 195 (3 units)

Total (24 units)