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Department of Management

Management Faculty & Staff  

Faculty and Staff
Name Office Email Phone Position
Bagdasarov, Zhanna PB 209 559.278.2830 Associate Prof
Bennett, Barry Off Campus 559.485.0120 Lecturer
Biggane, Jonathan PB 216 559.278.4566 Associate Prof
Bitter, Janet PB-501 559.278.4968 Lecturer
Bommer, Bill PB-222 559.278.2493 Full Prof
Burch-Konda, Regina PB-503 559.278.2834 Lecturer
Chu-Jacoby, Renee PB-214 559.278.4968 Lecturer
Cruz, Jorge Lyles Center 559.278.2851 Lecturer
DeJordy, Rich PB-217 559.278.2308 Assist Prof
Keppler, Mark Thomas 126 559.278.1165 Full Prof
Kimball, Robert PB-501 559.278.4968 Lecturer
Milevoj, Emil PB-502 559.278.5664 Assist Prof
Moore, Carrie PB-289 559.278.2851 Staff, Admin Coord
Olson-Buchanan, Julie PB-201 559.278.4952 Full Prof
Schmidtke, James PB-289 559.278.2851 Full Prof & Chair
Souza, Megan PB-548 559.278.2208 Lecturer
Spencer (Houts), Lisa PB-539 559.278.4980 Lecturer
Stearns, Timothy PB-545 559.278.2805 Full Prof
Sterling, Chris PB-212 559.278.4526 Associate Prof
Taylor-Hamm, Laurie PB-210 559.278.2626 Lecturer
Tonoyan, Vartuhi PB-234 559.278.4962 Assist Prof
Wang, Jia PB-535 559.278.4977 Full Prof