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Department of Finance and Business Law

Finance & Business Law

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff
Name Room Email Phone Title
Allen, Joanne PB-514 559-278-4957 Lecturer
Arisian, Arakel PB-206 559-278-4067 Lecturer
Arisian, Nazik PB-206 559-278-4067 Lecturer
Brueggemann, Jeff PB-516 559-278-2215 Lecturer
Cade, Alan PB 553 559-278-4898 Lecturer
Chen, Kuang (K.C.) PB-285 559-278-5646 Brix Prof & Chair
Curry, Jacquelin PB-218 559-278-4971 Asst Prof.
Eaton, Joan PB-514 559-278-4957 Lecturer
Etezadi, Touradj PB-206 559-278-4067 Lecturer
Forsythe, Lynn PB-220 559-278-4956 Full Prof
Frediani, Robert PB-514 559-278-4957 Lecturer
Gonzales, Alexandria PB-285 559-278-2341 Dept. Admin. Coordinator
Hart, Deborah PB-513 559-278-2228 Lecturer
Jassim, Amir PB-250 559-278-4967 Full Prof
Jauregui, Andres PB- 506 559-278-8328 Assoc Prof
Jones, Ida PB-232 559-278-2151 Full Prof
Kemp, Deborah PB-543 559-278-4984 Full Prof
Machoian, Ken PB-509 559-278-8054 Lecturer
McComas, William PB 553 559-278-4898 Lecturer
McGuinness, Brady PB-285 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Miele, Jennifer PB-231 559-278-2306 Asst Prof.
Mohle, Dennis PB-553 559-278-4898 Lecturer
Miniel, Diane PB-510 559-278-2706 Lecturer
Morgan, Doug PB-285 559-278-2341 Lecturer
Nguyen, Vinh Huy PB-249 559-278-8214 Asst Prof.
Shahrokhi, Manuchehr PB-241 559-278-4058 Full Prof
Stratton, Tanya PB- 514 559-278-4957 Lecturer
Xia, Harry PB-540 559-278-4981 Assoc Prof.
Yazdipour, Rassoul PB-549 559-278-4987 Full Prof
Yonker, Michael PB-553 559-278-4898 Lecturer
Zalewski, Prudence PB-510 559-278-2706 Lecturer